Where is God?

I am without God today. Devastatingly without God. Without hope. I stress today, because I know it will not be forever. It just feels like it. Just. Hah…just. What a silly minimization. Unjust, more like. The feeling overwhelms, threatens to push me down into the abyss once more.

I have been through enough of these cycles to know that God will come back to me (or more aptly, I will come back to God) in due time. When I am ready. When I am not in the downward spiral of depression. When I can find hope again.Hopelessness

Exploration of body, exhortation of body, existing as Some Body instead of No Body, is rife with danger. With fear. With pitfalls. All of them rear their ugly heads as I contemplate self-care, as I contemplate self-love, as I contemplate melding mind and body.

God…I hate this. I hate this, God. I need help. I need you here beside me. I need you here celebrating my soul with me. I need you here bringing the calm and inner quiet that I  find only in my relationship with you.

A way in. That’s what I need. A way in. To God. To Love. To Hope.

About armsakimbobook

I'm a mother, a lawyer, a feminist, a writer, a potter, and an inveterate and unapologetic New Yorker. My book, Arms Akimbo: A Journey of Healing, tells of my journey of healing over a number of years, learning to live a full life after I was molested by my father at a very young age. I live in Medford, MA, part time with my 11 year-old daughter and full time with our dog, Toast, and our cats, Samson and Hercules.
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